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1.3qt L Food Storage Container

Families name an Heir and it starts a Feud

Let in Air and you'll ruin the Food!

This air tight container will help keep your food fresher for a very long time with Art and Cooks Proven air tight seal!

Art and Cook can’t claim to stop all the IN-Fighting but our new range of stylish, modular and airtight storage containers will prevent your family from becoming culinarily dysfunctional.

• 1500ml 1.3qt (large)

• Use me to keep it Fresher, dryer, crisper, moister

• I am airtight and BPA free

• Built to last and a looker

• My secret is in my handle, which triggers a silicone seal as you push it down

• Available in a range of sizes and colors

• the perfect storage solutions in the perfect sizes

• Being modular, we keep things neat and slip into the tightest spaces in your kitchen