Hallie Burton

Director of Photography
Hailing from Adelaide and studying photography in Sydney, Hallie brings an Aussie spin to things. Even if it wasn’t her job, she would still be taking photographs. And after 20+ years shooting for editorial and advertising projects all over the world, here at A+C Hallie’s found a way to combine her passion for visual storytelling, with her love for food. Little known fact, she has an affinity towards veal schnitzel and fried chicken sandwiches. That crispy, crunchy, golden texture gets her every time.

If you could invite any two people from all of history to a dinner party, who?
Today I would say Anthony Bourdain and Audrey Hepburn. Icons and renegades, then and now!

What’s your can’t live without Art and Cook product?  
The 3-quart Dutch Oven. I’m obsessed. It’s so versatile and it’s visually beautiful. I always leave it out on my stovetop.

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