Jane Budnyk

Creative Producer
Our resident jar hoarder and pickling hobbyist, Jane loves experimenting with new recipes as much as she loves bringing new talent into the Art and Cook orbit. She grew up in a very creative and food centric home (thanks to her mom). She began freelance writing for a food website and quickly transitioned to a full-time job in the food industry. Jane has definitely found her niche. 

A South Florida native, Jane is always searching for her next adventure. She also loves taking photos of food and trying new recipes with a focus on natural local ingredients, even outside of our test kitchen. 

Guilty pleasure- ​Haribo gummies. I don't really have a sweet tooth but something about these things is highly addictive! 

Favorite restaurant- ​One of my all-time favorite restaurants is Pingpong in Chicago, IL. I went to college in Chicago and had the pleasure of living right across the street...dangerous! Needless to say, I pay them a visit every time I am in town (at least twice a year).

What’s your can’t live without Art and Cook product? ​
The flip glass storage containers! As a member of my local co-op, I am a jar-hoarder (hello, bulk section). But what I like about the Art and Cook glass containers is that they're extremely versatile, airtight, and beautiful. My favorite unconventional use for them is definitely pickling. ​

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