A Gift Guide for Your Stoner Friends (Or Yourself)

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Rebecca Maloof
Whether you like smoking and want to label some Christmas presents “To:Me, From:Me” this year, or are in need of some gift ideas for your fun friends, look no further. This gift guide is for the stoners in your life, who appreciates quality and design-forward items. Smoking is something that should be shared with friends, so let this guide serve as some inspiration for the perfect present.


Grinders are an essential part of the smoking experience, so it’s necessary to invest in some quality ones. An ideal gift for a Mary Jane-lover would be a grinder, and one that doubles as decor would be even better. This gold grinder by Sackville & Co. is just that, and is affordable as well. 

Storage Cases 

Every weed-smoker knows how annoying it is to not have a proper place to store the flower. A good gift idea would be a storage container to keep weed in. This cute, acrylic storage case by Flower by Edie Parker is ideal for someone who has a large stash and wants to keep it organized. This is pretty, but is also easy to store in a drawer or cabinet, and will keep your weed fresh, too. 


Another Sackville & Co. gift idea would have to be a keychain. Not any regular keychain, of course, this keychain is perfect for on-the-go joints and blunts. A keychain like this one is a convenient and fun gift to get someone who is constantly walking around with a joint behind their ear. Get a keychain gift like this, and any of your smoker friends will love you. 

Tamping Sticks

A tamping stick is the kind of thing that you don’t realize you need until you have one. Yeah, you might get by using the end of a pen to push your weed down into a joint, but having a tool made specifically for this, is a game-changer. An actual tamping stick is a great gift for a stoner in your life and this one by Flower by Edie Parker is adorable too. 


Stoners and candles go together like peanut butter and jelly. There is nothing better than lighting up while a candle is lit, and a candle is a perfect gift for anyone ever anyway. This candle by Boy Smells is one that any weed enthusiast will love, because of its scent and name alone. 


There are a ton of books out there that are perfect for a weed-lover, whether it's a recipe book, or a coffee table book like this one by Broccoli Mag, A Weed is a Flower. This gorgeous book, and others like it, are a tasteful way to display love for weed without being overbearing. Any friend that likes to smoke would enjoy a gift like this.

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