Introducing the Art and Cook Subscription Box

Art and Cook Subscription - The Low-down

Allow us to introduce you to the Art and Cook subscription program - a world of exclusive discounts and offers, bringing artistry and joy to your kitchen and home. Join now to receive subscribers-only pricing on all single online purchases and our unique, seasonal subscription box, which provides unbeatable value for money on fifteen carefully curated pieces from the Art and Cook collection for kitchen and home. 

Here at Art and Cook, we are on a mission to bring inspired style and functionality to your cooking, dining, and entertaining. As such, we are delighted to offer year-round benefits to help you express yourself in the kitchen, gather loved ones around your table with elegance and ease, and master the art of cooking in your own home.

What is the Art and Cook Subscription Box?

Our pièce de résistance - the customizable themed Art and Cook subscription box - is available to order on a quarterly or annual basis. It’s packed with an eclectic mix of seasonal essentials and just-for-fun items, to encourage creative expression in the kitchen throughout the year. 

Art and Cook Winter Subscription Box

Fifteen products worth over $500 but starting at just $150 with free delivery - your box contains so much to inspire you on your culinary journey. You can customize your Art and Cook subscription box by choosing three extra items in addition to the twelve products we’ve already selected for you. Functional, beautiful products for your kitchen and home at up to a 70% discount with free delivery. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

The items you’ll receive in the subscription box are selected around a theme to help take the hassle out of shopping for a particular kitchen project or a specific season. Kitchen solutions you didn’t know you even needed will land on your doorstep to bring more joy and creativity to your dining experiences at home. 

Art and Cook Winter Box: What’s inside? 

So, what’s inside our debut Art and Cook Winter Box? Inspired by the season, this box is about festive baking, home comforts, and gathering with loved ones to dine and drink. We aim to take the stress out of winter hospitality by curating a selection of functional but distinctly beautiful products to drop straight to your front porch. 

Art and Cook Immersion Blender

The Art and Cook Winter Box includes baking essentials like our ceramic pie dish, silicone pie crust mold (an ingenious baking hack!), and a digital baking scale; a precision meat thermometer to perfect those holiday roasts; and some delightful tableware - marble coasters, chambray napkins, and gold napkin rings. Along with some just-for-fun items, you’ll be able to select another three products from six options - our wine aerator is something not to be missed. 

Compared to buying each Art and Cook product individually, the box saves up to $350  - exceptional value for money if you’re kitting out a new kitchen this winter or hosting friends and family over the festive period. We’ve got you covered this season. 

How does the Art and Cook Subscription Box Work?

To get started with an Art and Cook subscription box, simply choose three additional products, from six options, to customize your order on our Subscription page. You’ll be able to view each product we’ve exclusively curated for your seasonal box and personalize it accordingly.

You’ll then need to choose between a quarterly ($150 per box - a saving of $350) or an annual membership ($500 for four boxes - a saving of $1500 across the year) before adding to your cart. 

Complete your order by going through the checkout process . . . and then relax! Designed to de-stress shopping, our subscription box will bring stylish functionality to the heart of your home - and you don’t have to do a thing but kick back and wait for it to arrive. We hope you’ll use the energy you’ve saved to have fun. 

Subscribe to Receive Extra Discounts 

If you like what you see in your subscription box, you can order additional items from the same range at a discounted price. Once you’ve signed up to receive our subscription box, you gain access to members-only prices on all Art and Cook products across the website - discounts too good to miss.

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